Eric Billig FACTORY becoming a reality

2x2 bow tables

dimensions 20"x25"x16"

made for everyone

October 2011

Meet the first in a series of accessable designs by Eric Billig FACTORY. ( Featured is the "bow" mudular coffee table in hardcoated MDF. Also available in laser cut american made sustainable maple in plywood.

2x2 bow tables 3 bow tables 4 bows in a row 8 bow tables middle left out 8 bow tables seam 9 bow tables Black and white bow

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Krames Dining Table


White oak, stainless steel cable
dimensions 42"w x 29"h x 78"l (120"l expanded)

made for Christy Krames

July 2011

Christy came to me with a very strong visual idea for an expandable dining table.  She had visions of a dramatic Art Deco-inspired base made of a big "X".  I designed a base with curved, bent-laminated shapes that joined in the center.  It was a crazy, nutty frenzy of construction: 24 layers of oak veneer in a big clamping form with glue squeezing everywhere.  But somehow, miraculously, it worked, and how.

Krame1 Krame2

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Jackson Dining

For poster 08


made for Jimmy and Lindsay Jackson

March 2010

Dining table with six chairs in ash.  

For poster 08 For poster 01 For poster 02 For poster 03

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Projects for Castleview Productions

Castleview Reception Desk

Maple, steel, recycled plastic, salvaged stainless steel

made for Castleview Productions

March 2009

These projects were commissioned by Castleview Productions for their new office in central Austin. We designed these projects to meet their budget, and we built and delivered everything to meet their time frame. During the design phase, they gave us plenty of room to use our imaginations. To keep costs down, we specified stained maple, painted formaldehyde-free mdf, and ordinary steel. And we even used a salvaged stainless steel refrigerator door for the bar in the kitchen!

Castleview Conference Table Castleview Editing Desks Castleview Editing Desks Castleview Kitchen Bar Castleview Reception Desk Castleview Reception Desk Castleview Sliding Door

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The Umasi Collection

Umasi Chair

Recycled and repurposed materials

made for Product Line

January 2005

The Umasi Collection is specifically designed to blur the line between furniture and sculpture - with perfect panels that collide into organic elements. 


Because Umasi is largely built of salvaged materials, it clearly comments on the nature of our consumer society. But it's also a ready platform for other forms of social commentary, with references to art history, contemporary culture, and even the politics of war.


We hope you enjoy Umasi. 

Detail of Umasi Bench Umasi Bench Umasi Chair Umasi Chair Umasi Chair Umasi Chair Umasi Chair Umasi Chair Umasi Chair Umasi Table Detail of Umasi Table Umasi Table Detail of Umasi Table Umasi Table Detail of Umasi Table Umasi Chair Detail of Umasi Table Detail of Umasi Table

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The BigLittle Series

Big Black Credenza

Wood, metal, low-VOC finishes

made for Product Line

January 2008

The BigLittle Series is a dynamic line of furniture that's playfully named for it's union of large and small volumes, Chronically off-center, it features bold colors and a range of customizable configurations.


And BigLittle treads lightly on the environment, with choices that include formaldehyde-free materials and low-VOC finishes.

Big Black Credenza Big Black Little Blue Credenza Big White Little Red Tables Big White Little White Credenza Big Yellow Little Steel Credenza

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Convent table

Wood and glass

made for David Amdur

January 2000

Amdur  tables through the years.....


mahogany parallelogram table fits into booth in Bay window Cherry dining table Glass top display table glass + maple structure JJ Walnut & Marble poker table Poker Table set up Oak   Pallet Table w/ metal base Pallet base Oregon Maple w/ mahogany base Pine slab 6 leg Table Teak & brass computer desk Walnut Spider table Model Wenge Coffee table Conference Table - Mike Hicks Design Hicks -truss legs Redwood & Granite side table Convent table

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Maple and Mahogany table

Oregon Table

Curly maple and Mahogany
dimensions 3' x7'

made for David Amdur

September 1990

Curly Maple was cut down for a right of way in Oregon somewhere and transported to Texas by friends, who alerted me as to the where abouts of some fantastic boards.  

Then the base was made for a photo shoot - with  microchips laid out on a gambling table-  for the photographer Tomas Pantin.....a "shoot" for a High Tech Magazine Cover.....

Now,  after 20 years of daily work, the table has been refinished to a silky smooth touch.  

Oregon Table extreme curl intersection of trunk and limb Peak radius corner allows board to move sideways multiple underside attachments Base as microchip prop

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“gravity” coffee table


concrete, wood
dimensions 24" x 48: x 18"

made for Minehardt

March 2010

For this piece I floated the kinked concrete top on a chunky cedar base with hidden casters. 


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