Gardner Restaurant

Gardener sm-8 insta

White Oak


Designed and manufactured complete suite of furniture for Gardner Restaurant in Austin, TX. 

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Trinity Chapel

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Maple and Cherry


Cross, Lecturn, Altar Table, and side table for Trinity Episcopal School's new chapel designed by Page Southerland Page.

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Macek/Peltz House in Apartment Therapy


wood, cloth, furniture, found objects

May 2012

I looked at this article today and realized how much I still like it.  My wife Pamela and I worked on this house a long time.   Adrienne Breaux really got us.

Mark-macek-09 Mark-macek-05 Mark-macek-11 Mark-macek-07 Mark-macek-27 Mark-macek-30 Mark-macek-34

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Ping Pong Dining Table

Img 3420

Quarter Sawn Figured Walnut , Cold Rolled Steel, Glass and Cork
dimensions 30" h x 60" w x 108" l

made for Esquivel

collaboration with Blacksmith Industries

June 2013

This is the second parsons style ping pong dining table I''ve designed and built for a residence here in Austin. The 3/8" steel outer sections have been tapped with threads from the inside and are bolted on from the underside of the table. The center stripe which is the full 3" thickness of the table is sandwiched between the right and left book matched sections which are tied together with 1/2" all thread  which like the side is accessed from pockets mortised underneath the table. An additional pre-tensioned 1/2" plate steel strap that was crowned toward the center was installed at the bottom of the table parallel to the net and  to  give lift and support to the design. The interior walnut leg sections are fit into the top with a dry mortise and tenon and attached to the steel leg via key hole slots machined in the wood and bolt heads tapped into the interior of the steel leg. The solid walnut net was designed to double as a centerpiece for the table when in dining mode and the fitted hand blown glass drop ins function as small flower vases or candle holders.  Though I wasn't able to put it on a scale, my assistant and I who had to bring it up and around a flight of stairs in two sections estimate the weight at around 500 lbs.

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Walnut Chisel Rectangle Table

Dsc 0278


July 2012

New material option

Dsc 0278

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Console Table Completed

Sofa table website


September 2012

The mahogany console table was completed on deadline.  The table was initially oiled to bring out the beauty of its grain and the natural richness of color.  Then the console was sprayed with catalyzed lacquer for a hand-rubbed look to the finish.  Note the detailing of the turned legs and the dovetail jointery of the drawers.

Sofa table website Img 1375

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Sofa Table Progress

Img 1333


September 2012

Landers' Studio continued to add the detailing to the mahogany sofa table.  We added a cockbeading to the curved sides and to the drawer fronts.  The drawers were then fitted to the carcase.  In this project, we are not using drawer hardware.  The drawers will slide easily wood-on-wood.  We began the finishing process with a natural oil conditioner that deepens and richens the natural mahogany wood color.  After this oil dries for 24 hours, we began the spray lacquer process for a hand-rubbed finish.

Img 1333

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Mahogany Sofa Table

Img 1259


September 2012

Landers' Studio was commissioned to produce a mahogany sofa table in a very compressed amount of time.  We quickly procured the clear, genuine Mahogany for the project.  The thick chunk of mahogany was cut into pieces for the four turned legs.  We also had to cut some of the mahogany into thin strips which were then laminated and bent to form the curved rails.


Img 1259

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Steel and ipe wood
dimensions 32" H x 360" W x 18" D

made for Trifecta

October 2010

This bar table that sits outside of a bourbon bar at the base of the 360 condos.  The owner wanted to extend the seating area outside and create interest and curb appeal for his bar.  The ipe top is very durable and can withstand the weather outside while only needing to be refinished once a year to keep it's beautiful color.


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Gensler Dining Table

Gensler dining table crop 4676

Claro walnut slab
dimensions 15'-0" x 3'-0" x 29"h

made for Gensler

collaboration with Blacksmith Industries

January 2011

Gensler Austin office

Gensler dining table crop 4676

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