Wave Sculpture

Wave Sculpture

Forged steel and decorative glass

made for Hawkins Residence

July 2011

This is a wall-mounted sculpture to suggest waves crashing on the shore. The steel is forged and twisted, and the colored glass bubbles are posted off the wall to allow the light to pass through the bubbles and create colored shadows on the wall. 

Wave Sculpture Detail of Wave Sculpture Detail of Wave Sculpture

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Caryatids guild


September 2011

These two ceramic sulptures stand between 5 and 6 feet tall. They will be installed at my home to be a part of the water catchment system.

Caryatids guild

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dimensions small objects

made for David Amdur

January 2000

Objects are carved and shaped daily in the shop

as commissions, fabrications, models, and sculptures.

 Usually a very detailed drawing is required to begin... 

or perhaps ... just the memory of a dream.

Daphne Austin metro train Hand carved lettering Standing MAN MAN turned on lathe drawing for MAN on  lathe Elena Walnut Rock box Fish shrines Stone shrine Mosaic glass Shrine Koa-wood Saucer  Shrine to Renee Walnut carved Star Altar Jewelry box

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