Relief Carving

Shell a

dimensions 12" x18"

March 2014


The Big Medium Studio tour continues this coming weekend......Visit David Amdur, Guild Chairman- at his South Austin Studio on 4000 Clawson Road.

Visit West. Big Medium, org for more information

This new piece will be on exhibit at the West Artist Studio Tour on the weekend of May 16th and 17th

from 11-6.  

Shell a Shell detail West poster

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The Gables

Gables detail

dimensions 5'x9'

made for The Gables condominiums


This sculpture acts a s a room divider.

Gables detail Gables aia

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H origen biomedical

dimensions 25'x9'

made for Origen

collaboration with 220 Designs


The glass in these walls convey the structure of ice crystals suitable for this cryogenics company.

H origen biomedical Ha origen front detail aia Origen from front side

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Bickerstaff Heath Smiley

Bickerstaff best nw aarc

3/8" slumped plate glass, forged steel
dimensions 20'x9'

made for PSP Wendy Dunham


The Memorial wall was dedicated to the late partner in a law firm in Austin.

Bickerstaff best nw aarc

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Art Walls

Living room to kitchen

plywood, MDF, enamel paint
dimensions 8'-0"w x 12'-5"h x 3'0"d, each wall

July 2012

Architectural installation art by Margo Sawyer

House in Santa Fe, NM, by Page Sutherland Page. 

Completed in 2012, this house is most easily identified by the custom-colored rammed earth walls. 

Our role was to fabricate the joint vision of artist Margo Sawyer, architect Larry Speck, and interior designer  Wendy Dunnam Tita, in tight collaboration with builder Dave Campbell of J M Evans Construction and home owner Rick Torcasso, and definitely architect Bruce Loethen.

Discussions started a year before installation.  Wendy introduced us.  Margo and I spent a lot of time developing the construction system.  Dave Campbell worked with me directly.  He nailed the tolerences to the stepped ceiling, the fireplace, and the hidden ductwork.  The installation went perfectly.

Wendy commissioned custom furniture for the house, coffee tables, office credenza, card table.

This commission was the most professional experience I have had ever.  The early planning was crucial to achieving the quality.  The collaborators worked in a atmosphere of trust and respect.  It should always be like this.   

Dining table to view Living room doors open Living room to kitchen Torcasso dunnam tita 1 dining Torcassoartwallsinstalled2sm Detail of lampand tables

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Seven Meadows Blossom Structure

Pic 3

Galvanized Forged Steel


This three-pronged structure, located in the center of a large water feature in a landscaped park for an exclusive housing developement, echoes the water lily motif found in the rest of the project, whimsically recalling successive stages of blooming, and provides a distinctive identity for the project.

Pic 3 Pic 1 Pic 2

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Pic 1

Forged Steel


This sundial was made for a private garden.

Pic 3 Pic 1 Pic 2

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Bordello Floor Lamp

Bordello floor lamp 001

Forged Steel, Blown Glass
dimensions 60"x12"x16"

September 2011

This lamp was fabricated for the Guild's exhibit at the Perry Mansion, and is a continuation of the Bordello Lamp series that I have been working on for about 10 years.  The main feature that qualifies the lamp to be a part of the series is the shade.  Initially the lamps shades had colored and textured paper, but now, through a collaboration with glass artist Carlyn Ray, we have successfully blown glass into the shades.

Bordello floor lamp 001 Hinge Detail Shade Detail Base Detail

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Coupland, Texas

July 14, 2011

Granite, concrete, wood, metal, glass

made for Various Clients

July 2011

This is July 14, 2011. This is a typical day for us in Coupland, Texas. 

July 14, 2011 July 14, 2011 July 14, 2011 July 14, 2011 July 14, 2011 July 14, 2011

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The Umasi Collection

Umasi Chair

Recycled and repurposed materials

made for Product Line

January 2005

The Umasi Collection is specifically designed to blur the line between furniture and sculpture - with perfect panels that collide into organic elements. 


Because Umasi is largely built of salvaged materials, it clearly comments on the nature of our consumer society. But it's also a ready platform for other forms of social commentary, with references to art history, contemporary culture, and even the politics of war.


We hope you enjoy Umasi. 

Detail of Umasi Bench Umasi Bench Umasi Chair Umasi Chair Umasi Chair Umasi Chair Umasi Chair Umasi Chair Umasi Chair Umasi Table Detail of Umasi Table Umasi Table Detail of Umasi Table Umasi Table Detail of Umasi Table Umasi Chair Detail of Umasi Table Detail of Umasi Table

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