Whetstone Stereo


Walnut lumber & walnut veneer. Audio components by Whetstone Audio.
dimensions 60"w x 28"d x 41"h

made for For Sale

October 2013

Like your family's stereo when you grew up, this console has all the electronics in a closable cabinet.

It plays vinyl and mp3's, and networks by usb or by wireless.  The 41" height places the speakers near ear level when you're sitting down.  It sounds bright and clear with generous bass, great for records.

Receiver:  Naim UnitiQute with remote control

Turntable: Rega RP3 turntable with IsoNode Pro anti-vibration feet

Speakers: Guru QM-10/2.  Grill cloth by Marshall Amplifiers.

Whetstone1 Whetstone2 Whetstone3 Whetstone4

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Macek/Peltz House in Apartment Therapy


wood, cloth, furniture, found objects

May 2012

I looked at this article today and realized how much I still like it.  My wife Pamela and I worked on this house a long time.   Adrienne Breaux really got us. 


Mark-macek-09 Mark-macek-05 Mark-macek-11 Mark-macek-07 Mark-macek-27 Mark-macek-30 Mark-macek-34

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Alesi Entry Door

Macek alesi front door

white oak, zinc sheet metal, fluted glass, clear glass

made for Stella and Leon Alesi

June 2012

Macek alesi front door

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Mayan lighting


Slumped 3/4" thick plate glass, forged bronze
dimensions 22" diameter

made for Paul Lamb Architects, Fern Santini


This was such an amazing project. These sculptural fixtures, evoked by Mayan jade ear flare jewelry, are actually lit by oculi in the ceiling of the loggia....

Dscn0429 Dscn0431 Loggia  w:betty in door

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Zetcher lighting

T zetcher aia aarc

fused glass, forged steel.
dimensions 36" diameter

made for Residential client

collaboration with 220 Designs


This was a fun project. This client could only live in LA!

T zetcher aia aarc Zetcher sconce for web

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Lyda Lighting

Lyda 300 dpi

fused glass, aluminum, forged steel
dimensions 24", 30", 34" diameters

made for Jay Hargrave Architect


In this house with all exterior walls of glass, these pendants are more lit sculpture than lighting.

Lyda 300 dpi

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Painterly windows

Cooper:hargrove windows

fused glass mosaics
dimensions 36"x40"

made for Residential client


Glass was ground up into small gravel like pieces called frit. This made it possible to "paint" with the glass. 

Cooper:hargrove windows Cooper:hargrove windows

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The Gables

Gables detail

dimensions 5'x9'

made for The Gables condominiums


This sculpture acts a s a room divider.

Gables detail Gables aia

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Lorenz railing and light shelf

Lorenz railing nw large

1" thick Starfire kiln formed plate glass

made for paul Lamb Architects


This glass railing allows light to penetrate a rather dark stairwell. The shelf above the kitchen is more sculpture than function; diffusing light and creating interest...

Lorenz railing nw large Lorenz a Lorenz railing nw large

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Cantu Door

Cantu door installed 18 dec 13

mahogany, brass

made for Dr. Robert Cantu

December 2013

A new entry door for an old brick house. 

Cantu door installed 18 dec 13

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