Art Walls

Living room to kitchen

plywood, MDF, enamel paint
dimensions 8'-0"w x 12'-5"h x 3'0"d, each wall

July 2012

Architectural installation art by Margo Sawyer

House in Santa Fe, NM, by Page Sutherland Page. 

Completed in 2012, this house is most easily identified by the custom-colored rammed earth walls. 

Our role was to fabricate the joint vision of artist Margo Sawyer, architect Larry Speck, and interior designer  Wendy Dunnam Tita, in tight collaboration with builder Dave Campbell of J M Evans Construction and home owner Rick Torcasso, and definitely architect Bruce Loethen.

Discussions started a year before installation.  Wendy introduced us.  Margo and I spent a lot of time developing the construction system.  Dave Campbell worked with me directly.  He nailed the tolerences to the stepped ceiling, the fireplace, and the hidden ductwork.  The installation went perfectly.

Wendy commissioned custom furniture for the house, coffee tables, office credenza, card table.

This commission was the most professional experience I have had ever.  The early planning was crucial to achieving the quality.  The collaborators worked in a atmosphere of trust and respect.  It should always be like this.   

Dining table to view Living room doors open Living room to kitchen Torcasso dunnam tita 1 dining Torcassoartwallsinstalled2sm Detail of lampand tables

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1 Niles Road

Portfolio greens

"Terra", a cement based plaster


Two layers of cement based plaster in the living room/media room.

Portfolio greens

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1 Niles Road

Portfolio greens 1

Venetian plaster (natural/non-synthetic) on the column and cove moulding. Mica powders, iridescent artist paint and clear water based medium.


Venetian Plaster above column and on crown cove. Painted Mother of Pearl finish on dining room walls.

Portfolio greens 1

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The Big EZ

Portfolio big easy

Metal leaf and paint


 "The Ring of Life"  in the Big EZ lodge, Big Sky, MT.  Painting of local landscape and wildlife images over Dutch metal leaf.


Portfolio big easy

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Shuffle clip lo-res

Kewzinga, tamo, quilted maple, steel, mahogany
dimensions 78"h. x 46"w. x 14"d.

July 2006

Shuffle started as a cabinet with doors.  I found I didn't like hiding the most dynamic part that the shelves provide.  That was the piece initiated the design in the first place.  It's the first component in what I hoped would be an office suite of furiture based on "an earthquake in wine country."  It didn't come to pass but I still enjoy this piece as much as anything I've done.  

Shuffle clip lo-res

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Arched Niche

wood- painted white
dimensions 3'0" x 6"8" x12"

made for RE

January 2007

A Niche at the end of the hall way- which was another room disguised behind ....the niche - an inset in the wall to display sculpture.

Arched Niche Niche open Niche base Niche cornice detail

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“Eastlake” Vanity

closeup details

Solid maple door frames with plywood case work and Accuride drawer hardware, Baltic Birch Drawers, with very thick gloss black sprayed enamel paint
dimensions 30"D x 60"W

made for Clayton Morgan

June 2008

The client requested a Period Style "Eastlake" vanity for a white marble bathroom.  

Eastlake was a purveyor of popular opinion in matters of style and taste in the early 19th Century.

  His influence in regards to  decorative elements elevated the cultural tastes of the time.  

The antique  model shown was created about 50 years after Eastlake's popularity ended.    

closeup details detail of front Mirror frame Vanity completed A stack of mouldings carved mahogany antique Eastlake design rough out Inspector Maple door with frosted glass

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