Bennedict Residence

Img 2461


made for Mr. and Mrs. Bennedict

April 2010

Custom double curved staircase railing.  Hand forged snub end balusters, rings, collars and spiral feet.  Newel post is diminishing radiused spiral.  It is difficult to tell from the photographs but the stair builder built the stairs with several different pitches making the rise and run vary from bottom to top.  The railings we built minimize and almost completely hide his mistake.

Img 2456 Img 2461 Img 2465 Img 2468

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Pic 1

Forged Steel


This sundial was made for a private garden.

Pic 3 Pic 1 Pic 2

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Custom car retreat

Img 3356

Steel and copper
dimensions 20' x 20' x 12'

May 2010

Here is a cusotm car retreat I built for a homeowner who needed another spot to park in.  The design matched the existing fence ornament in the front of the home. A beautiful copper roof tops the structure.

Img 3358 Img 3357 Img 3356

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Bordello Floor Lamp

Bordello floor lamp 001

Forged Steel, Blown Glass
dimensions 60"x12"x16"

September 2011

This lamp was fabricated for the Guild's exhibit at the Perry Mansion, and is a continuation of the Bordello Lamp series that I have been working on for about 10 years.  The main feature that qualifies the lamp to be a part of the series is the shade.  Initially the lamps shades had colored and textured paper, but now, through a collaboration with glass artist Carlyn Ray, we have successfully blown glass into the shades.

Bordello floor lamp 001 Hinge Detail Shade Detail Base Detail

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Fireplace indirons

Img 3568

Mild steel
dimensions 20" H x 26" W x 14" D

made for Minter and self

November 2010

I had a long time client ask me to design him a pair of andirons for his home last year.  I took the opportunity to design and make a second set for my own home.  In all the years I have been doing metalwork I have never set aside time to make a set of andirons for my own fireplace.  We forged the main posts from 2" solid stock and fullered the half round groove with a fullering tool we made for our power hammer.  I really like the design and how the pieces turned out. I feel it is a modern interpretation of a traditional style.

Img 3560 Img 3561 Img 3565 Img 3568 Img 3566

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Burnett residence


Iron and Steel
dimensions various dimensions

made for Dr. and Mrs. Burnett

August 2011

This is an Anderson/Wise project that we worked on over the course of 1 1/2 years.  We did all the ornamental and architectural metalwork in the home as well as some structural steel retaining walls that elevated the backyard 4' above the adjacent yards to allow for installation of an ingound pool.  Some of the a work that we are most proud of is the cantilevered garage awning, the outdoor fireplace,  the simple curved handrail and the front fencing with custom pedestrian and driveway gates.  The fencing panels were recycled from a church in Pennsylvania and were made from wrought iron, a material which has not been produced for almost 100 years.  The fence panels date back to the 1870's.

Imag0210 Imag0295 Imag0217 Imag0304 Imag0340 Imag0305 Imag0317 Imag0326 Imag0332 Imag0336 Imag0311 Imag0334 Imag0333 Imag0320 Imag0338 Imag0327 Imag0063 Imag0034 Imag0066

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Blanton Museum Gift Shop

Blanton showcase

wood , metal
dimensions small

made for University of Texas

April 2009

The Gift shop needed White Oak jewelry display stands in the style of the architecture and cabinetry....

In the shape of cones, discs, chunks,  and cubes - in linen and  white oak.

Fall 2009 Museums & More Magazine: Beautiful new jewelry cases motived the Gift Shop team to come up with a new visual merchandising plan.

"We had a local woodworking artist design oak fixtures to match the wood tone of the cases.  then we lined the cases with soft celery linen and created linen cones

for necklaces ....."

Blanton showcase Oak obelisk  earring display Page 27 Museums &More Magazine Box of ring stands

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dimensions small objects

made for David Amdur

January 2000

Objects are carved and shaped daily in the shop

as commissions, fabrications, models, and sculptures.

 Usually a very detailed drawing is required to begin... 

or perhaps ... just the memory of a dream.

Daphne Austin metro train Hand carved lettering Standing MAN MAN turned on lathe drawing for MAN on  lathe Elena Walnut Rock box Fish shrines Stone shrine Mosaic glass Shrine Koa-wood Saucer  Shrine to Renee Walnut carved Star Altar Jewelry box

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Hinged beveled glass wall

Wood and glass
dimensions vary

made for David Amdur

January 2000

As my  picture  framing experience developed, i sought out classic period style frames

to challenge my techniques.    Lately I have completed many new shapes and configurations.


Hinged beveled glass wall Rococo  Queen Anne #2 walnut oval mahogany octagon Hexagon Frame -beveled glass mirror Green shrine mirror box late 16th century design White oak frame Nude frame Eastlake frame Queen Anne style

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Amdurs 1940s

wood and glass
dimensions storefronts

made for David Amdur

January 1990

My family has been in the furniture business for over a hundred years.

Max, my grandfather was a pioneer of Houston.

Will, my father kept the store downtown till the 80s.  

...traveling and pursuit of my artistic goals has been a constant...

I had garage shops for years till I moved to E 12 in 1978-then

Amdur Gallery on E 5th st -my 20 years in the spotlight.

Amdurs 1940s Amdur furninture 1950s DA- Kerrville 1977 E12 entrance1978 E12 interior 1979 Storefront  1980s Just starting the gallery 1980 Gallery with crowd Storefront 1990s Storefront with spotlight

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