The Gables

Gables detail

dimensions 5'x9'

made for The Gables condominiums


This sculpture acts a s a room divider.

Gables detail Gables aia

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H origen biomedical

dimensions 25'x9'

made for Origen

collaboration with 220 Designs


The glass in these walls convey the structure of ice crystals suitable for this cryogenics company.

H origen biomedical Ha origen front detail aia Origen from front side

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Bickerstaff Heath Smiley

Bickerstaff best nw aarc

3/8" slumped plate glass, forged steel
dimensions 20'x9'

made for PSP Wendy Dunham


The Memorial wall was dedicated to the late partner in a law firm in Austin.

Bickerstaff best nw aarc

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Palmer Lighting

Palmer lighting large aarc

3/4" thick Starfire kiln formed plate glass, stainless steel cable

made for David Webber Architects


The glass in this fixture is meant to emulate the water seen through the windows of this fabulous lake house.

Palmer lighting large aarc

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Media Center

Img 2609

Walnut and Eucalyptus

collaboration with Blacksmith Industries

August 2012

Walnut Cabinetry with Eucalyptus Panel Work 2012. Though this piece looks minimal there is a great deal of complex functionality and flexibility worked into the design. All the case pieces are imbedded into and through the Eucaluptus panels providing chase ways to run wiring between all units and to the floating shelves which each have a removable hatch access behind them. The shelves themselves are hanging off a very rigid steel bracket design that is bolted to the studs behind the panel work. This began as a media center with more of a traditional cabinet design and in trying to showcase and best utilize the performance of the client's high fidelity equipment, the design kept getting stripped down and ended up as an acoustic niche with two floating walnut cases and two very solid floating shelves. There is lighting directly over the shelves from the bottom side of the upper cabinet. Thanks to GoAA member Hawkeye Glenn of Blacksmith for fabricating the heavy duty (hidden) bracket for the floating shelves.

Img 2609 Img 2622 Img 2625 Img 2639 Img 2642 Img 2656

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Art Nouveau Gate

Feldman gate

Steel, Automotive Metallic Paint

made for Private Residence

December 2011

A gate for a client in West Austin. An original design by Ironwood Industries. Inspired by the Art Nouveau Period, and influenced by the work of Alphonse Mucha, a Czech artist from the 1900s.

Feldman gate Feldman screen1

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ark and lectern


walnut, alabaster, bronze
dimensions 5'-0" x 3'-0" x 8'-0"h

made for Temple Beth Shalom

collaboration with Blacksmith Industries

April 2004

Design by Andersson Wise Architects

Ark2 Ark7 Lectern

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Uchiko Restaurant, Austin, Texas


Walnut, Native Texas Pecan, Bronze

made for Uchiko

June 2010


A1 A2 A3

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Bennedict Residence

Img 2461


made for Mr. and Mrs. Bennedict

April 2010

Custom double curved staircase railing.  Hand forged snub end balusters, rings, collars and spiral feet.  Newel post is diminishing radiused spiral.  It is difficult to tell from the photographs but the stair builder built the stairs with several different pitches making the rise and run vary from bottom to top.  The railings we built minimize and almost completely hide his mistake.

Img 2456 Img 2461 Img 2465 Img 2468

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Seven Meadows Blossom Structure

Pic 3

Galvanized Forged Steel


This three-pronged structure, located in the center of a large water feature in a landscaped park for an exclusive housing developement, echoes the water lily motif found in the rest of the project, whimsically recalling successive stages of blooming, and provides a distinctive identity for the project.

Pic 3 Pic 1 Pic 2

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