Lyda Lighting

Lyda 300 dpi

fused glass, aluminum, forged steel
dimensions 24", 30", 34" diameters

made for Jay Hargrave Architect


In this house with all exterior walls of glass, these pendants are more lit sculpture than lighting.

Lyda 300 dpi

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Painterly windows

Cooper:hargrove windows

fused glass mosaics
dimensions 36"x40"

made for Residential client


Glass was ground up into small gravel like pieces called frit. This made it possible to "paint" with the glass. 

Cooper:hargrove windows Cooper:hargrove windows

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Palmer Lighting

Palmer lighting large aarc

3/4" thick Starfire kiln formed plate glass, stainless steel cable

made for David Webber Architects


The glass in this fixture is meant to emulate the water seen through the windows of this fabulous lake house.

Palmer lighting large aarc

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Walnut Chisel Rectangle Table

Dsc 0278


July 2012

New material option

Dsc 0278

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Art Walls

Living room to kitchen

plywood, MDF, enamel paint
dimensions 8'-0"w x 12'-5"h x 3'0"d, each wall

July 2012

Architectural installation art by Margo Sawyer

House in Santa Fe, NM, by Page Sutherland Page. 

Completed in 2012, this house is most easily identified by the custom-colored rammed earth walls. 

Our role was to fabricate the joint vision of artist Margo Sawyer, architect Larry Speck, and interior designer  Wendy Dunnam Tita, in tight collaboration with builder Dave Campbell of J M Evans Construction and home owner Rick Torcasso, and definitely architect Bruce Loethen.

Discussions started a year before installation.  Wendy introduced us.  Margo and I spent a lot of time developing the construction system.  Dave Campbell worked with me directly.  He nailed the tolerences to the stepped ceiling, the fireplace, and the hidden ductwork.  The installation went perfectly.

Wendy commissioned custom furniture for the house, coffee tables, office credenza, card table.

This commission was the most professional experience I have had ever.  The early planning was crucial to achieving the quality.  The collaborators worked in a atmosphere of trust and respect.  It should always be like this.   

Dining table to view Living room doors open Living room to kitchen Torcasso dunnam tita 1 dining Torcassoartwallsinstalled2sm Detail of lampand tables

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Media Center

Img 2609

Walnut and Eucalyptus

collaboration with Blacksmith Industries

August 2012

Walnut Cabinetry with Eucalyptus Panel Work 2012. Though this piece looks minimal there is a great deal of complex functionality and flexibility worked into the design. All the case pieces are imbedded into and through the Eucaluptus panels providing chase ways to run wiring between all units and to the floating shelves which each have a removable hatch access behind them. The shelves themselves are hanging off a very rigid steel bracket design that is bolted to the studs behind the panel work. This began as a media center with more of a traditional cabinet design and in trying to showcase and best utilize the performance of the client's high fidelity equipment, the design kept getting stripped down and ended up as an acoustic niche with two floating walnut cases and two very solid floating shelves. There is lighting directly over the shelves from the bottom side of the upper cabinet. Thanks to GoAA member Hawkeye Glenn of Blacksmith for fabricating the heavy duty (hidden) bracket for the floating shelves.

Img 2609 Img 2622 Img 2625 Img 2639 Img 2642 Img 2656

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Mahlab Stool (Walnut)

Guildxx mg 7371


April 2012

Also now a production piece, this stool design provides an opportunity to employ a number of different joints at their optimum usefulness.  Hand sculpted and robust, these reversible stools have different foot-rest locations on either side, accommodating stool-sitters of varying sizes.  Shown here in walnut.  . Available in table, counter, and bar height.  

Guildxx mg 7371 Guildxx mg 7372 Guildxx mg 7386 Guildxx mg 7402

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Axis Chair/Bench

Guild mg 7254

Cherry, Walnut, Danish Cord

July 2012

Originally commissioned by fellow Guild member Todd Campbell, this line will now be a production item.  

The cherry for Campbell's original commission came from his family farm in Michigan, where it had been sitting in a barn for decades, awaiting it's destiny as Campbell's dining room seating.  I have a strong affinity for Danish cording, so I immediately proposed it as a seating material.  The second set  was commissioned--along with a table--by Mockingbird Domestics, a new furniture store on South Lamar that supports local makers.  

Guild mg 7254 Guild mg 7304 Guild mg 7293 Guild mg 7278 Guild mg 7445 Guild mg 7477 Guild mg 7479 Guild mg 7501

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Lyre Rocking Chair

Rocking chair3


made for Private Residence

January 2011

A sculptural rocking chair. An original design by Ironwood Industries.

Rocking chair3 Rocking chair6 Rocking chair7 Rocking chair8

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Kyoto Dresser

Xp1010006 sm2

walnut, leather, maple
dimensions 56" x 31" x 20"

January 2012

6 drawer dresser from the Kyoto line.  

Xp1010006 sm2 Xp1010028 med Xp1010006 med Xp1010009 med Xp1010034 med Xp1010042 med

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