Custom Commercial Copper Wall Sconces

Dsc 0399

Copper, Frosted Glass
dimensions Multiple sizes

made for Park Centre Bldg - San Diego, CA

October 2011

These are some custom sconces we recently shipped to San Diego for an office building.  The client's designer riffed on our very popular Slat design.  We made the sconces in three sizes for this project.  All are for exterior locations.

Dsc 0397 Dsc 0399 Dsc 0393 Dsc 0390 Dsc 0391

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Wings of a Dove


Teak 7 Stainless Steel
dimensions 96" X 18" X 18"H

made for Bee Caves Art Foundation

November 2011

This is an outdoor or meditation bench


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Coupland, Texas

July 14, 2011

Granite, concrete, wood, metal, glass

made for Various Clients

July 2011

This is July 14, 2011. This is a typical day for us in Coupland, Texas. 

July 14, 2011 July 14, 2011 July 14, 2011 July 14, 2011 July 14, 2011 July 14, 2011

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The Umasi Collection

Umasi Chair

Recycled and repurposed materials

made for Product Line

January 2005

The Umasi Collection is specifically designed to blur the line between furniture and sculpture - with perfect panels that collide into organic elements. 


Because Umasi is largely built of salvaged materials, it clearly comments on the nature of our consumer society. But it's also a ready platform for other forms of social commentary, with references to art history, contemporary culture, and even the politics of war.


We hope you enjoy Umasi. 

Detail of Umasi Bench Umasi Bench Umasi Chair Umasi Chair Umasi Chair Umasi Chair Umasi Chair Umasi Chair Umasi Chair Umasi Table Detail of Umasi Table Umasi Table Detail of Umasi Table Umasi Table Detail of Umasi Table Umasi Chair Detail of Umasi Table Detail of Umasi Table

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Wave Sculpture

Wave Sculpture

Forged steel and decorative glass

made for Hawkins Residence

July 2011

This is a wall-mounted sculpture to suggest waves crashing on the shore. The steel is forged and twisted, and the colored glass bubbles are posted off the wall to allow the light to pass through the bubbles and create colored shadows on the wall. 

Wave Sculpture Detail of Wave Sculpture Detail of Wave Sculpture

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Blanton Museum Gift Shop

Blanton showcase

wood , metal
dimensions small

made for University of Texas

April 2009

The Gift shop needed White Oak jewelry display stands in the style of the architecture and cabinetry....

In the shape of cones, discs, chunks,  and cubes - in linen and  white oak.

Fall 2009 Museums & More Magazine: Beautiful new jewelry cases motived the Gift Shop team to come up with a new visual merchandising plan.

"We had a local woodworking artist design oak fixtures to match the wood tone of the cases.  then we lined the cases with soft celery linen and created linen cones

for necklaces ....."

Blanton showcase Oak obelisk  earring display Page 27 Museums &More Magazine Box of ring stands

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tufted bench

Tufted angle

concrete, wood
dimensions 18" x 48" x 17"

January 2011

It really is a concrete cushion, and its pretty comfy to sit on.

Tufted angle Tufted detail Tufted

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