Lorenz railing and light shelf

Lorenz railing nw large

1" thick Starfire kiln formed plate glass

made for paul Lamb Architects


This glass railing allows light to penetrate a rather dark stairwell. The shelf above the kitchen is more sculpture than function; diffusing light and creating interest...

Lorenz railing nw large Lorenz a Lorenz railing nw large

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Bennedict Residence

Img 2461


made for Mr. and Mrs. Bennedict

April 2010

Custom double curved staircase railing.  Hand forged snub end balusters, rings, collars and spiral feet.  Newel post is diminishing radiused spiral.  It is difficult to tell from the photographs but the stair builder built the stairs with several different pitches making the rise and run vary from bottom to top.  The railings we built minimize and almost completely hide his mistake.

Img 2456 Img 2461 Img 2465 Img 2468

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Blackie Railing

Pic 2

Forged Steel


This forged steel railing wraps around the grand entry stair.

Pic 5 Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4

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Burnett residence


Iron and Steel
dimensions various dimensions

made for Dr. and Mrs. Burnett

August 2011

This is an Anderson/Wise project that we worked on over the course of 1 1/2 years.  We did all the ornamental and architectural metalwork in the home as well as some structural steel retaining walls that elevated the backyard 4' above the adjacent yards to allow for installation of an ingound pool.  Some of the a work that we are most proud of is the cantilevered garage awning, the outdoor fireplace,  the simple curved handrail and the front fencing with custom pedestrian and driveway gates.  The fencing panels were recycled from a church in Pennsylvania and were made from wrought iron, a material which has not been produced for almost 100 years.  The fence panels date back to the 1870's.

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