Axis Chair/Bench

Guild mg 7254

Cherry, Walnut, Danish Cord

July 2012

Originally commissioned by fellow Guild member Todd Campbell, this line will now be a production item.  

The cherry for Campbell's original commission came from his family farm in Michigan, where it had been sitting in a barn for decades, awaiting it's destiny as Campbell's dining room seating.  I have a strong affinity for Danish cording, so I immediately proposed it as a seating material.  The second set  was commissioned--along with a table--by Mockingbird Domestics, a new furniture store on South Lamar that supports local makers.  

Guild mg 7254 Guild mg 7304 Guild mg 7293 Guild mg 7278 Guild mg 7445 Guild mg 7477 Guild mg 7479 Guild mg 7501

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Kyoto Dresser

Xp1010006 sm2

walnut, leather, maple
dimensions 56" x 31" x 20"

January 2012

6 drawer dresser from the Kyoto line.  

Xp1010006 sm2 Xp1010028 med Xp1010006 med Xp1010009 med Xp1010034 med Xp1010042 med

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Kyoto Bed and Sideboard

Imgp4768 med

Walnut, leather, maple

March 2010

queen bed and sideboard (or ent. cent.)  from the Kyoto line.  

Imgp4768 med Imgp4855 med Imgp4809 med Img 4787 med

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Gensler Dining Table

Gensler dining table crop 4676

Claro walnut slab
dimensions 15'-0" x 3'-0" x 29"h

made for Gensler

collaboration with Blacksmith Industries

January 2011

Gensler Austin office

Gensler dining table crop 4676

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1 Niles Road

Portfolio greens 1

Venetian plaster (natural/non-synthetic) on the column and cove moulding. Mica powders, iridescent artist paint and clear water based medium.


Venetian Plaster above column and on crown cove. Painted Mother of Pearl finish on dining room walls.

Portfolio greens 1

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Shuffle clip lo-res

Kewzinga, tamo, quilted maple, steel, mahogany
dimensions 78"h. x 46"w. x 14"d.

July 2006

Shuffle started as a cabinet with doors.  I found I didn't like hiding the most dynamic part that the shelves provide.  That was the piece initiated the design in the first place.  It's the first component in what I hoped would be an office suite of furiture based on "an earthquake in wine country."  It didn't come to pass but I still enjoy this piece as much as anything I've done.  

Shuffle clip lo-res

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Burnett residence


Iron and Steel
dimensions various dimensions

made for Dr. and Mrs. Burnett

August 2011

This is an Anderson/Wise project that we worked on over the course of 1 1/2 years.  We did all the ornamental and architectural metalwork in the home as well as some structural steel retaining walls that elevated the backyard 4' above the adjacent yards to allow for installation of an ingound pool.  Some of the a work that we are most proud of is the cantilevered garage awning, the outdoor fireplace,  the simple curved handrail and the front fencing with custom pedestrian and driveway gates.  The fencing panels were recycled from a church in Pennsylvania and were made from wrought iron, a material which has not been produced for almost 100 years.  The fence panels date back to the 1870's.

Imag0210 Imag0295 Imag0217 Imag0304 Imag0340 Imag0305 Imag0317 Imag0326 Imag0332 Imag0336 Imag0311 Imag0334 Imag0333 Imag0320 Imag0338 Imag0327 Imag0063 Imag0034 Imag0066

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Krames Dining Table


White oak, stainless steel cable
dimensions 42"w x 29"h x 78"l (120"l expanded)

made for Christy Krames

July 2011

Christy came to me with a very strong visual idea for an expandable dining table.  She had visions of a dramatic Art Deco-inspired base made of a big "X".  I designed a base with curved, bent-laminated shapes that joined in the center.  It was a crazy, nutty frenzy of construction: 24 layers of oak veneer in a big clamping form with glue squeezing everywhere.  But somehow, miraculously, it worked, and how.

Krame1 Krame2

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