Sardine Rouge

Sardine rouge nw arc

Fused glass mosaics
dimensions 20'x9'

made for Sardine Rouge


Thousands of pieces of glass were fused together to create this restaurant wall.

Sardine rouge nw arc

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H origen biomedical

dimensions 25'x9'

made for Origen

collaboration with 220 Designs


The glass in these walls convey the structure of ice crystals suitable for this cryogenics company.

H origen biomedical Ha origen front detail aia Origen from front side

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Bickerstaff Heath Smiley

Bickerstaff best nw aarc

3/8" slumped plate glass, forged steel
dimensions 20'x9'

made for PSP Wendy Dunham


The Memorial wall was dedicated to the late partner in a law firm in Austin.

Bickerstaff best nw aarc

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Daruma Ramen

Img 2802

Signage - White Oak Table Centerpieces - Black Walnut, Resin

March 2013

I designed and made the functional centerpieces for the is new ramen house on West 6th last fall in 2012. The floral decoration inlayed with resin on the sides is taken from the wall paper of the interior and  is a different color at each table. Not long after delivering the centerpieces, the owners of the establishment contacted me and asked me to collaborate with them on the sign. After starting with a concept based off tradtional japanese signage on live edge slabs, we ended up with a hand carved large wood block print design.

Img 2802 Img 2759 Img 2773 Img 2766 Img 3259 Img 3262 Img 3274 Img 3276

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Palmer Lighting

Palmer lighting large aarc

3/4" thick Starfire kiln formed plate glass, stainless steel cable

made for David Webber Architects


The glass in this fixture is meant to emulate the water seen through the windows of this fabulous lake house.

Palmer lighting large aarc

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Mahlab Stool (Walnut)

Guildxx mg 7371


April 2012

Also now a production piece, this stool design provides an opportunity to employ a number of different joints at their optimum usefulness.  Hand sculpted and robust, these reversible stools have different foot-rest locations on either side, accommodating stool-sitters of varying sizes.  Shown here in walnut.  . Available in table, counter, and bar height.  

Guildxx mg 7371 Guildxx mg 7372 Guildxx mg 7386 Guildxx mg 7402

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Zoltan David Galleria


Spanish cedar and glass
dimensions Facade 20 x 20

made for Zoltan David

May 2009

Zoltan and I worked from a pencil drawing of his concept. I then brought my expertise in joinery and CNC machining to help resolve the need for a timely completion date. 


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Zoltan David at the Oasis


Native Texas pecan and power coated steel

made for Zoltan David

May 2011

 We executed Zoltan's design in reclaimed native Texas pecan with powder-coated steel accents and structural components. The pecan was harvested on Onion Creek in Austin. The logs were cut on my sawmill and dried in the kilns located at my shop on 730 Shady Lane . 

Z1 Z2

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Uchiko Restaurant, Austin, Texas


Walnut, Native Texas Pecan, Bronze

made for Uchiko

June 2010


A1 A2 A3

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Seven Meadows Blossom Structure

Pic 3

Galvanized Forged Steel


This three-pronged structure, located in the center of a large water feature in a landscaped park for an exclusive housing developement, echoes the water lily motif found in the rest of the project, whimsically recalling successive stages of blooming, and provides a distinctive identity for the project.

Pic 3 Pic 1 Pic 2

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