The Prestige

Small composite 01 a

dimensions 7' x 20" x 32"

November 2010

Walnut credenza with tambour doors and leather drawer pulls.  clandestine writing desk pivots from corner when needed. 

Small x08 Small x04 a 2 Small composite 01 a Small x05

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The BigLittle Series

Big Black Credenza

Wood, metal, low-VOC finishes

made for Product Line

January 2008

The BigLittle Series is a dynamic line of furniture that's playfully named for it's union of large and small volumes, Chronically off-center, it features bold colors and a range of customizable configurations.


And BigLittle treads lightly on the environment, with choices that include formaldehyde-free materials and low-VOC finishes.

Big Black Credenza Big Black Little Blue Credenza Big White Little Red Tables Big White Little White Credenza Big Yellow Little Steel Credenza

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Taj Cabinet

Ari taj 1

dimensions 60" x 80" x 12"

made for Ari

April 2003

The Taj is shaped to a point at the top with kerf bent plywood and solid - template cut - maple trim.

For the client -a UT Professor's - tea pot collection.  

Ari Taj detail Ari taj 1

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The Evolution of a BIG Project

overview of bar & backbar

bubinga, wenge and spectacular veneers
dimensions 18-ft bar and 19-ft back bar

made for Private Residence


A client approached us about a year ago wanting a bar and back bar for a veritable man-cave he was adding to his residence.   His initial concept had grown from his original idea of just adding a garage for his classic car collection when his wife asked that he also include an exercise room for her.  With his addition being on a cliffside, he thought he might add a 1,600 sq. ft. recreational room below.   His first purchase for this room was a 1890’s Victorian style pool table.   Originally, he talked to us about creating a bar to complement this Victorian design.  But he had leanings toward Art Deco and his love for the elevator doors from the Chrysler Building in New York ultimately drove the design of the bar.  We collaborated with the client’s designer, Etty Brish, who envisioned and then actualized the room’s décor.  We chose veneers of birdseye maple, tamo ash, exquisite walnut burl, bubinga and ebony to lay out the Art Deco design for the front of the bar.

This big of a project called for a BIG board.  Wanting a continuous board for both the bar top and the back bar top, we selected a 55-inch wide by 19-foot long board of bubinga from an importer in Pennsylvania.  The almost 600 lb. board was shipped to a friend’s shop where we would have the space to maneuver the board around.  The board was cut in half along the length and edges were folded along the length for the rounded edges of the bar tops.  After the finish work on the veneer bar front and the combination of the curved bubinga panels and wenge beads to create walls and doors, we were ready for the first phase of installation.  The assembly process began and at last the first phase was complete.

In the work area behind the bar, the cabinets for the glassware and stemware have doors that are made of the same curved bubinga and wenge.  Even the small refrigerator’s stainless steel door was replaced  with a bubinga & wenge door front.   A small wooly mammoth ivory dot in the upper corner of a door marks the spot for opening with a simple touch.  The final phase of installation was of a curtain effect of the bubinga & wenge panels to tie the back bar in with the back wall.    The curtain effect and the wenge frame leave one expecting a movie projector to start a show at any time.   The owner is commissioning an Art Deco mural painted in this space speculating that a stylized Austin skyline with perhaps a whimsically added Chrysler Building would be an appropriate tip of the hat to the bar’s inspiration.

cliffside addition to residence Antique Pool Table Art Deco elevator doors in the Chrysler Building Veneers laid up in the Art Deco design BIG bubinga board needed for project Shop space requirements Folding & gluing of edges First Phase of Installation The finished bar before installation of back bar Work area behind the bar Curtain Effect of Bubinga & Wenge Panels overview of bar & backbar

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Evans Project

 Privacy Fence

wood, metal, stone, glass
dimensions all sizes

made for Evans

June 2010

The Evans home  is a very modern structure -  built on a cliff in the Northwest Hills.

The project started with a wall to wall shelving system for the Weaving Room.

Downstairs a home entertainment center equipment cabinet  was built to fit a long list of components.

A Living Room niche cabinet held the cable box, newspapers and magazines.

Outside of the guest bedroom - a Privacy Screen Fence made of ipe was built to spare the guests from a view of the neighbor's drive way....

Weaving Room wall unit installed  blank wall Squaring up the boards Weaving Room Uprights glued Mock up of corner detail props were used to stand it up TV Room TV control stand TV 2 TV 4 wall hung magazine holder  wall niche North before Interior view of screen  Privacy Fence Pipe to wall anchor

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“Eastlake” Vanity

closeup details

Solid maple door frames with plywood case work and Accuride drawer hardware, Baltic Birch Drawers, with very thick gloss black sprayed enamel paint
dimensions 30"D x 60"W

made for Clayton Morgan

June 2008

The client requested a Period Style "Eastlake" vanity for a white marble bathroom.  

Eastlake was a purveyor of popular opinion in matters of style and taste in the early 19th Century.

  His influence in regards to  decorative elements elevated the cultural tastes of the time.  

The antique  model shown was created about 50 years after Eastlake's popularity ended.    

closeup details detail of front Mirror frame Vanity completed A stack of mouldings carved mahogany antique Eastlake design rough out Inspector Maple door with frosted glass

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