Beacon Buffet

Michaelyates05 db mod web

Walnut :: Leather Pulls
dimensions 52W x 18D x 42H


Walnut Buffet / Sideboard with tambour door and leather drawer pulls

Michaelyates05 db mod web Michaelyates08 db web Michaelyates02 db web Michaelyates04 db web

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Whetstone Stereo


Walnut lumber & walnut veneer. Audio components by Whetstone Audio.
dimensions 60"w x 28"d x 41"h

made for For Sale

October 2013

Like your family's stereo when you grew up, this console has all the electronics in a closable cabinet.

It plays vinyl and mp3's, and networks by usb or by wireless.  The 41" height places the speakers near ear level when you're sitting down.  It sounds bright and clear with generous bass, great for records.

Receiver:  Naim UnitiQute with remote control

Turntable: Rega RP3 turntable with IsoNode Pro anti-vibration feet

Speakers: Guru QM-10/2.  Grill cloth by Marshall Amplifiers.

Whetstone1 Whetstone2 Whetstone3 Whetstone4

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Macek/Peltz House in Apartment Therapy


wood, cloth, furniture, found objects

May 2012

I looked at this article today and realized how much I still like it.  My wife Pamela and I worked on this house a long time.   Adrienne Breaux really got us.

Mark-macek-09 Mark-macek-05 Mark-macek-11 Mark-macek-07 Mark-macek-27 Mark-macek-30 Mark-macek-34

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Solarium Desk with Credenza

Img 3141

mdf, solid surface counter and starphire glass

collaboration with Studio K Glass

January 2013

My first custom installation of 2013. Thanks to Kathleen Ash of Studio K for all the tips and advice on using the proper glass adhesive. One aspect of the design I didn't fully appreciate until I photographed it was how the layout with the tile creates a bit of a glass box optical illusion which is evident in some of the shots. The vertical leg is set into the tile work.

Img 3141 Img 3145 Img 3152 Img 3155 Img 3161 Img 3179 Img 3185 Img 3189

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Kyoto Dresser

Xp1010006 sm2

walnut, leather, maple
dimensions 56" x 31" x 20"

January 2012

6 drawer dresser from the Kyoto line.  

Xp1010006 sm2 Xp1010028 med Xp1010006 med Xp1010009 med Xp1010034 med Xp1010042 med

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Kyoto Bed and Sideboard

Imgp4768 med

Walnut, leather, maple

March 2010

queen bed and sideboard (or ent. cent.)  from the Kyoto line.  

Imgp4768 med Imgp4855 med Imgp4809 med Img 4787 med

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Maryanna Drive Kitchen

Img 3003

Beeswing Eucalyptus, Cesar Stone, Stainless Steel
dimensions 26' wide x 10' high x 18' deep

collaboration with 220 Designs


Thanks to the wonderful architects at Alterstudio who designed this kitchen, I was fortunate to be recommended for this project as cabinetmaker.  Normally I do not provide counter tops and finish hardware, but because of the tightly nested design, I engineered and supervised the fabrication and installation of all stone & stainless steel counter tops/backsplash and stainless finish hardware.

Img 3003 Img 3015 Img 3032 Img 3054 Img 3084 Img 3178 Img 3191

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Toccata Noce

Mcallister postcard lo-res

Walnut Slab, Cherry, Granite
dimensions 96"h. x 48"w. x 12"d.

made for McAllister

March 2007

The client liked "Shuffle."  Shuffle wouldn't work in this application due to the function needed by the client and tight space limitations imposed by two doors and a staircase.  It needed to hold it's own in a house with a lot of one-of-a-kind artisanal pieces.  What better way to stand up for yourself than a cabinet made from a big chunck of walnut?

Mcallister postcard lo-res

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Walnut Built Ins

Img 1102

black walnut , steel plate


This is a custom design and fabrication for great customer of mine here in Austin. All the face veneers on the cabinetry were hand cut from one piece of walnut in my studio. There is a solid walnut blotter inset into the steel at the desk opening.

Img 1102 Img 1103 Img 1104 Img 1116 Img 1140

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Take Heart

Img 5527

Vintage Pine

made for Nina Gordon

July 2011

I took off all of July and August of this year to build out my wifes new store in East Austin, Take Heart. It was a lot of hard work but really fullfilling on so many levels. All the door and cabinet veneers were hand cut and vac pressed from a pile of old vintage pine skins I had purchased earlier in the year.

Img 5527 Img 5524 Img 5515 Img 5517

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