Kyoto Dresser

Xp1010006 sm2

walnut, leather, maple
dimensions 56" x 31" x 20"

January 2012

6 drawer dresser from the Kyoto line.  

Xp1010006 sm2 Xp1010028 med Xp1010006 med Xp1010009 med Xp1010034 med Xp1010042 med

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Kyoto Bed and Sideboard

Imgp4768 med

Walnut, leather, maple

March 2010

queen bed and sideboard (or ent. cent.)  from the Kyoto line.  

Imgp4768 med Imgp4855 med Imgp4809 med Img 4787 med

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Burnett residence


Iron and Steel
dimensions various dimensions

made for Dr. and Mrs. Burnett

August 2011

This is an Anderson/Wise project that we worked on over the course of 1 1/2 years.  We did all the ornamental and architectural metalwork in the home as well as some structural steel retaining walls that elevated the backyard 4' above the adjacent yards to allow for installation of an ingound pool.  Some of the a work that we are most proud of is the cantilevered garage awning, the outdoor fireplace,  the simple curved handrail and the front fencing with custom pedestrian and driveway gates.  The fencing panels were recycled from a church in Pennsylvania and were made from wrought iron, a material which has not been produced for almost 100 years.  The fence panels date back to the 1870's.

Imag0210 Imag0295 Imag0217 Imag0304 Imag0340 Imag0305 Imag0317 Imag0326 Imag0332 Imag0336 Imag0311 Imag0334 Imag0333 Imag0320 Imag0338 Imag0327 Imag0063 Imag0034 Imag0066

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Homage Bench


White Oak and Danish Cord
dimensions 48x18x19

made for Vivian Mahlab and Jim Young

November 2010

Entry bench in white oak (waxed) with integrated table and danish cord seats

Homage1x Homage3x Homage2x

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Double Cherry Bi-folding Doors

Small cherry 02

dimensions 6' x 7'

made for Vivian Mahlab and Jim Young

April 2010

A pair of cherry bi-folding doors add privacy to an office/guest quarters.   milled and hand-painted cherry blossom image integrated into door panels.  

Small cherry 02 Small cherry 01 Small cherry 03 Small cherry 04

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The Most Exquisite Dog Retreat in Austin History

Myedit05 sm

dimensions 50x26x28-1/2

made for Michele Moore

May 2011

a custom dog bed in solid wenge.  hinged entry on each end with custom hardware and upholstery.

Myedit02 sm Myedit06 sm Myedit01 sm Myedit05 sm Doggydog

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The BigLittle Series

Big Black Credenza

Wood, metal, low-VOC finishes

made for Product Line

January 2008

The BigLittle Series is a dynamic line of furniture that's playfully named for it's union of large and small volumes, Chronically off-center, it features bold colors and a range of customizable configurations.


And BigLittle treads lightly on the environment, with choices that include formaldehyde-free materials and low-VOC finishes.

Big Black Credenza Big Black Little Blue Credenza Big White Little Red Tables Big White Little White Credenza Big Yellow Little Steel Credenza

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Zebrawood Mirror

Zebrawood Mirror

Zebrawood veneer, mirrored glass

made for Hawkins Residence

August 2011

This is a massive mirror for a private residence in Austin, Texas. 

Zebrawood Mirror Detail of Zebrawood Mirror

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San Gabriel Residence

Interior view 2nd floor vanity

wood, metal, stone, glass
dimensions whole house

made for Sheryl

April 1990

This historic stone home was remodeled in the early 90's 

Our team built cabinets shelving nooks decks furniture and more during this year long renovation.

Interior view 2nd floor vanity deck and staircase addition Back Porch -before Redwood Diamond pattern with brass railing Ash Kitchen with cherry details  half lap cherry lattice  in glass door  Ladies Vanity w/ etched glass mirror Vanity  with purple heart handles teak corner shelf and stained glass window Towel cabinet by tub Teak cabinet with ebony handles  pedestal base for sculpture

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tufted bench

Tufted angle

concrete, wood
dimensions 18" x 48" x 17"

January 2011

It really is a concrete cushion, and its pretty comfy to sit on.

Tufted angle Tufted detail Tufted

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