“Eastlake” Vanity

closeup details

Solid maple door frames with plywood case work and Accuride drawer hardware, Baltic Birch Drawers, with very thick gloss black sprayed enamel paint
dimensions 30"D x 60"W

made for Clayton Morgan

June 2008

The client requested a Period Style "Eastlake" vanity for a white marble bathroom.  

Eastlake was a purveyor of popular opinion in matters of style and taste in the early 19th Century.

  His influence in regards to  decorative elements elevated the cultural tastes of the time.  

The antique  model shown was created about 50 years after Eastlake's popularity ended.    

closeup details detail of front Mirror frame Vanity completed A stack of mouldings carved mahogany antique Eastlake design rough out Inspector Maple door with frosted glass

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