Zetcher lighting

T zetcher aia aarc

fused glass, forged steel.
dimensions 36" diameter

made for Residential client

collaboration with 220 Designs


This was a fun project. This client could only live in LA!

T zetcher aia aarc Zetcher sconce for web

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Lyda Lighting

Lyda 300 dpi

fused glass, aluminum, forged steel
dimensions 24", 30", 34" diameters

made for Jay Hargrave Architect


In this house with all exterior walls of glass, these pendants are more lit sculpture than lighting.

Lyda 300 dpi

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St Patrick’s Church, Hutto, Texas

St pats sanctuary exterior

Fused glass
dimensions 11'x11'

made for Sixth River Architects


Two of the crosses were created for this new church. See the difference in the look from transmitted to reflected light...

St pats interior sanctuary email St pats sanctuary exterior

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Painterly windows

Cooper:hargrove windows

fused glass mosaics
dimensions 36"x40"

made for Residential client


Glass was ground up into small gravel like pieces called frit. This made it possible to "paint" with the glass. 

Cooper:hargrove windows Cooper:hargrove windows

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Sardine Rouge

Sardine rouge nw arc

Fused glass mosaics
dimensions 20'x9'

made for Sardine Rouge


Thousands of pieces of glass were fused together to create this restaurant wall.

Sardine rouge nw arc

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The Gables

Gables detail

dimensions 5'x9'

made for The Gables condominiums


This sculpture acts a s a room divider.

Gables detail Gables aia

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H origen biomedical

dimensions 25'x9'

made for Origen

collaboration with 220 Designs


The glass in these walls convey the structure of ice crystals suitable for this cryogenics company.

H origen biomedical Ha origen front detail aia Origen from front side

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Bickerstaff Heath Smiley

Bickerstaff best nw aarc

3/8" slumped plate glass, forged steel
dimensions 20'x9'

made for PSP Wendy Dunham


The Memorial wall was dedicated to the late partner in a law firm in Austin.

Bickerstaff best nw aarc

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Lorenz railing and light shelf

Lorenz railing nw large

1" thick Starfire kiln formed plate glass

made for paul Lamb Architects


This glass railing allows light to penetrate a rather dark stairwell. The shelf above the kitchen is more sculpture than function; diffusing light and creating interest...

Lorenz railing nw large Lorenz a Lorenz railing nw large

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Cantu Door

Cantu door installed 18 dec 13

mahogany, brass

made for Dr. Robert Cantu

December 2013

A new entry door for an old brick house. 

Cantu door installed 18 dec 13

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