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Whetstone Stereo


Walnut lumber & walnut veneer. Audio components by Whetstone Audio.
dimensions 60"w x 28"d x 41"h

made for For Sale

October 2013

Like your family's stereo when you grew up, this console has all the electronics in a closable cabinet.

It plays vinyl and mp3's, and networks by usb or by wireless.  The 41" height places the speakers near ear level when you're sitting down.  It sounds bright and clear with generous bass, great for records.

Receiver:  Naim UnitiQute with remote control

Turntable: Rega RP3 turntable with IsoNode Pro anti-vibration feet

Speakers: Guru QM-10/2.  Grill cloth by Marshall Amplifiers.

Whetstone1 Whetstone2 Whetstone3 Whetstone4

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