Macek Furniture

Molly’s Stereo


Molly's house is a personal statement of quietness and glamor.  Molly wanted a mix of open and closed shelves for her records and stereo equipment.  It should be easy to use for parties, private listening, or a whim.  The design fits in by drawing just enough attention to itself.

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Gensler Dining Table

Gensler dining table crop 4676

Gensler Austin office

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Cromwell Library


My client had purchased a beautifully maintained 1920's house.  Her goal was to update and to remodel so that the changes were indistinguishable from the existing structure.  The house contained traditional frame-and-panel millwork , mouldings, and brackets.  I borrowed these details from the house to design a new library room, with shelves wrapping around all four sides and stepping around the windows and doors.  A datum was created above the door jamb by making a continuous shelf at the height of eight feet, with brackets on the corners.  The wood was figured red gum, the same species as the house millwork, which needed to be custom ordered amd dyed to match the aged wood. 

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Griffin Doors


Griffin and Heather were building a new house.  They wanted entry doors made of live oak lumber, from fallen trees on their Hill Country land.  They asked for transparency, so guests could see the view through the house while approaching.   Also, they wanted to use thin panels of quartz, from rocks found on their property.

The door design is a repeating pattern based on small modules of 3", the size limit of the quartz.    The doors look like solid lumber but are laminated composites of 1/4"-thick live oak veneer.

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Krames Dining Table


Christy came to me with a very strong visual idea for an expandable dining table.  She had visions of a dramatic Art Deco-inspired base made of a big "X".  I designed a base with curved, bent-laminated shapes that joined in the center.  It was a crazy, nutty frenzy of construction: 24 layers of oak veneer in a big clamping form with glue squeezing everywhere.  But somehow, miraculously, it worked, and how.

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Epicurus cabinet

Epicurus detail

Michael Benedikt teaches architecture at the University of Texas.  He was my teacher and, for a short while, my boss when he had an architecture firm.  Michael designed this media center for his remodeled living room in a cool mid-century house.  Visually, the cabinet is made of an outer layer, a C-channel in section, made of burled birch and painted black on the inside.  Within that layer are the operable components, doors and drawers covered in madrone burl.  Michael found industrial ball joint bearings for the handles, which swivel nicely around your finger as you swing open the door.  Everything fits inside including the TV, stereo, speakers, CD's, cassettes, cable box, DVD player, and air conditioning ducts which blow from custom grilles on the ends.

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