Macek Furniture

St. Edward’s University Chapel

Pollen Architects renovated the historic chapel at St. Ed's.  

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Whetstone Stereo


Like your family's stereo when you grew up, this console has all the electronics in a closable cabinet.

It plays vinyl and mp3's, and networks by usb or by wireless.  The 41" height places the speakers near ear level when you're sitting down.  It sounds bright and clear with generous bass, great for records.

Receiver:  Naim UnitiQute with remote control

Turntable: Rega RP3 turntable with IsoNode Pro anti-vibration feet

Speakers: Guru QM-10/2.  Grill cloth by Marshall Amplifiers.

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Macek/Peltz House in Apartment Therapy


I looked at this article today and realized how much I still like it.  My wife Pamela and I worked on this house a long time.   Adrienne Breaux really got us.

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Cantu Door

Cantu door installed 18 dec 13

A new entry door for an old brick house. 

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Art Walls

Living room to kitchen

Architectural installation art by Margo Sawyer

House in Santa Fe, NM, by Page Sutherland Page. 

Completed in 2012, this house is most easily identified by the custom-colored rammed earth walls. 

Our role was to fabricate the joint vision of artist Margo Sawyer, architect Larry Speck, and interior designer  Wendy Dunnam Tita, in tight collaboration with builder Dave Campbell of J M Evans Construction and home owner Rick Torcasso, and definitely architect Bruce Loethen.

Discussions started a year before installation.  Wendy introduced us.  Margo and I spent a lot of time developing the construction system.  Dave Campbell worked with me directly.  He nailed the tolerences to the stepped ceiling, the fireplace, and the hidden ductwork.  The installation went perfectly.

Wendy commissioned custom furniture for the house, coffee tables, office credenza, card table.

This commission was the most professional experience I have had ever.  The early planning was crucial to achieving the quality.  The collaborators worked in a atmosphere of trust and respect.  It should always be like this.   

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ark and lectern


Design by Andersson Wise Architects

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Suttles Shah Door

Completed door med

Design by Alterstudio Architects. 

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Molly’s TV Cabinet


This cabinet houses the stereo speakers, DVD player, and cable box behind delicate wood and cloth grilles.  The handles are cocobolo with bronze brackets by Hawkeye Glenn.

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