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Live Oak Kitchen

Todd kitchen1

Custom made "primordial soup" backsplash tile finished off this kitchen quite nicely.

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Jenkins kitchen

Jenkins 2

I had a lot of fun co-designing the backsplash and then inlaying some of the selected tiles into the counters. 

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Eric Billig FACTORY becoming a reality

2x2 bow tables

Meet the first in a series of accessable designs by Eric Billig FACTORY. (www.ericbilligfactory.com). Featured is the "bow" mudular coffee table in hardcoated MDF. Also available in laser cut american made sustainable maple in plywood.

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Caryatids guild

These two ceramic sulptures stand between 5 and 6 feet tall. They will be installed at my home to be a part of the water catchment system.

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tufted bench

Tufted angle

It really is a concrete cushion, and its pretty comfy to sit on.

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“gravity” coffee table


For this piece I floated the kinked concrete top on a chunky cedar base with hidden casters. 

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