David Amdur

Loft bedroom

Loft bedroom

A loft bedroom with closet and desk underneath

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Relief Carving

Shell a


The Big Medium Studio tour continues this coming weekend......Visit David Amdur, Guild Chairman- at his South Austin Studio on 4000 Clawson Road.

Visit West. Big Medium, org for more information

This new piece will be on exhibit at the West Artist Studio Tour on the weekend of May 16th and 17th

from 11-6.  

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Avenue D kitchen addition

 wide shot

This classic Ave D  kitchen was expanded and matching cabinets were required.  I was asked to make the replacements exactly like the originals.



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Corner Desk

Image 3

A corner desk was built to fit into a 78 degree corner.  The curved edge is  laminated cherry wood.  

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emerging pod

Peas in a pod

This project started as a wood interpretation of the new Guild Logo 

Another set of parts was made in the process and it became a loose version

Later the two emerged as a natural process of associations

As of 2012 this piece has been chosen for the People's Gallery at City Hall

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Taj Cabinet

Ari taj 1

The Taj is shaped to a point at the top with kerf bent plywood and solid - template cut - maple trim.

For the client -a UT Professor's - tea pot collection.  

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Arched Niche

A Niche at the end of the hall way- which was another room disguised behind ....the niche - an inset in the wall to display sculpture.

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Blanton Museum Gift Shop

Blanton showcase

The Gift shop needed White Oak jewelry display stands in the style of the architecture and cabinetry....

In the shape of cones, discs, chunks,  and cubes - in linen and  white oak.

Fall 2009 Museums & More Magazine: Beautiful new jewelry cases motived the Gift Shop team to come up with a new visual merchandising plan.

"We had a local woodworking artist design oak fixtures to match the wood tone of the cases.  then we lined the cases with soft celery linen and created linen cones

for necklaces ....."

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Betsy Desk

the stamp drawer

Betsy wanted a classic Early Texas Desk with all modern hardware and fittings.  Their home in the Avenues has tall ceilings and plenty of books. An extraordinary batch of walnut arrived on the day of my visit to the lumber yard.  A dream come true for all.

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Evans Project

 Privacy Fence

The Evans home  is a very modern structure -  built on a cliff in the Northwest Hills.

The project started with a wall to wall shelving system for the Weaving Room.

Downstairs a home entertainment center equipment cabinet  was built to fit a long list of components.

A Living Room niche cabinet held the cable box, newspapers and magazines.

Outside of the guest bedroom - a Privacy Screen Fence made of ipe was built to spare the guests from a view of the neighbor's drive way....

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