David Amdur

Avenue D Kitchen Cabinet Additions

The client was having the kitchen enlarged and there was a need for more of the same style cabinets

Letter of Reference from Architect

To whom it may concern,

Working with David Amdur represents one of those rare moments when you as an architect
have an individual working on one of your projects who provides that wonderful combination
of artist and skilled craftsman.. The Barnett project was a screened-in porch addition to the
house of a sculptor and painter.  Although it may have seemed like a simple project, David was
able to understand the importance of the custom detailing of the elements for the vaulted
ceiling and the trim for the screen openings.  He was also sensitive to the need to connect this
screened-in porch with the adjoining kitchen and garage without disturbing those areas in a
negative way.  David demonstrated skillfulness, provide insightful contributions and was
resourceful in accomplishing this project in a very professional manner.


Jim R. Nix
Nix Group Architects
105 West Eighth Street
Austin Texas 78701