David Amdur


Convent table

Amdur  tables through the years.....


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Outdoor transitions

Swing on deck

Outdoor spaces are transitions between your house and the world.....

they greet you on arrival, and  provide a sanctuary or a buffer - to make a statement or

 to purely enjoy being outside.

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Objects are carved and shaped daily in the shop

as commissions, fabrications, models, and sculptures.

 Usually a very detailed drawing is required to begin... 

or perhaps ... just the memory of a dream.

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Hinged beveled glass wall

As my  picture  framing experience developed, i sought out classic period style frames

to challenge my techniques.    Lately I have completed many new shapes and configurations.


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“Eastlake” Vanity

closeup details

The client requested a Period Style "Eastlake" vanity for a white marble bathroom.  

Eastlake was a purveyor of popular opinion in matters of style and taste in the early 19th Century.

  His influence in regards to  decorative elements elevated the cultural tastes of the time.  

The antique  model shown was created about 50 years after Eastlake's popularity ended.    

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San Gabriel Residence

Interior view 2nd floor vanity

This historic stone home was remodeled in the early 90's 

Our team built cabinets shelving nooks decks furniture and more during this year long renovation.

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Maple and Mahogany table

Oregon Table

Curly Maple was cut down for a right of way in Oregon somewhere and transported to Texas by friends, who alerted me as to the where abouts of some fantastic boards.  

Then the base was made for a photo shoot - with  microchips laid out on a gambling table-  for the photographer Tomas Pantin.....a "shoot" for a High Tech Magazine Cover.....

Now,  after 20 years of daily work, the table has been refinished to a silky smooth touch.  

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Amdurs 1940s

My family has been in the furniture business for over a hundred years.

Max, my grandfather was a pioneer of Houston.

Will, my father kept the store downtown till the 80s.  

...traveling and pursuit of my artistic goals has been a constant...

I had garage shops for years till I moved to E 12 in 1978-then

Amdur Gallery on E 5th st -my 20 years in the spotlight.

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Cherry wood Kitchen

EZ dishwasher access with brass bolts

Latest kitchen project started in June with sketches and plans, then 40 days in July and August, during the longest hottest 

part of the summer in the workshop.....truely an ordeal.   Finally after five months, the kitchen is a fabulous addition to Jim's Family atmosphere.

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Barnett Porch

Beams milled by Ambrose

The Architect Jim Nix designed this back porch for the Barnett Family .

The Amdur Team  framed and finished the structure with lots of big openings

for screening, and the interior was verticle tongue and groove pine. 

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