Brian David Johnson


Daruma Ramen

Ping Pong Dining Table

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Quarter Sawn Figured Walnut , Cold Rolled Steel, Glass and Cork
dimensions 30" h x 60" w x 108" l

made for Esquivel

collaboration with Blacksmith Industries

June 2013

This is the second parsons style ping pong dining table I''ve designed and built for a residence here in Austin. The 3/8" steel outer sections have been tapped with threads from the inside and are bolted on from the underside of the table. The center stripe which is the full 3" thickness of the table is sandwiched between the right and left book matched sections which are tied together with 1/2" all thread  which like the side is accessed from pockets mortised underneath the table. An additional pre-tensioned 1/2" plate steel strap that was crowned toward the center was installed at the bottom of the table parallel to the net and  to  give lift and support to the design. The interior walnut leg sections are fit into the top with a dry mortise and tenon and attached to the steel leg via key hole slots machined in the wood and bolt heads tapped into the interior of the steel leg. The solid walnut net was designed to double as a centerpiece for the table when in dining mode and the fitted hand blown glass drop ins function as small flower vases or candle holders.  Though I wasn't able to put it on a scale, my assistant and I who had to bring it up and around a flight of stairs in two sections estimate the weight at around 500 lbs.

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