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Custom Architectural Specialists

We are a professional organization creating a Renaissance of the ornamental trades in Austin, TX.  Our committed artisans make site-specific building details of wood, iron, glass, ceramics, stone, concrete, paint, and more.  The Guild of Austin Artisans offers a range of services including consultation, design, construction, and installation of your signature elements.  The sooner our experience is implemented into your design process, the more integrated each component will be into the overall concept.  We help turn buildings into architecture.



•Mission Statement

•History of the Guild

•Joining the Guild

    General Criteria for Membership

    Procedure for an Individual Seeking Membership

•Guidelines and Procedures




•Organizational Outline for Officers and Committees



    Current Officers



The Guild of Austin Artisans is a professional organization of individual craft studios based in Austin, Texas.  Our purpose is to promote awareness of hand-crafted architectural detailing and to express the unfolding and unique spirit of Austin through its built environment.  We seek to re-invigorate Austin's public spaces and building trades by collaborating with architects, planners, civic groups, general contractors, and interior designers. 

The goal of the Guild of Austin Artisans is to see human scale architectural craft discussed at the earliest possible stage of the building process, so that our ideas are integral to, and supportive of, the entire design concept.  Our main tools are dialogue, co-operation, and collaboration.  We participate in the public discussion of art by serving as speakers at conferences, demonstrating our work at arts festivals, and launching our own gallery exhibitions and studio tours.

As Austin’s leading artisans, we have organized to serve as a design and material resource for public, commercial, and private spaces.



The Guild of Austin Artisans originated in March 1993 and as an affiliation of artisans participating in the design and construction of the new Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.  With our assistance, the project architects and the Airport Task Force developed performance specifications, design concepts, and budget ranges for public art in the new facility.  Several Guild members installed their work in the airport, an indication of our integral presence in the process.  But the main success of these early efforts was proving the effectiveness of gathering a team of professional artisans to present a unified front to architects and designers.  The artisans' team officially adopted the name the Architectural Artisans Collaborative (AArC) in March of 1995.  In December of 2010, the members changed the name to the Guild of Austin Artisans (the Guild) to clarify our purpose.


1994 - Exhibition at the Mebane Gallery, University of Texas School of Architecture

1995 - Articles about AArC in the Austin Chronicle

1995, 1997 -  Participants in the Green Building Conference

1996 - Presented at the American Institute of Architects Forum

1997-2001 - Annual Studio Tour, proceeds benefitting Habit for Humanity and Hands on Housing

1997 - Exhibition entitled "AArC Works: Tools and Elements" at the Dougherty Arts Center

1997 - Article in the Austin American-Statesman

1998 - Presence at the Texas Society of Architects convention

2000-2001 - Demonstrations at the Austin Fine Arts Festival

2002 - Presentation at Austin Energy Green Builders' Program monthly seminar

2002 - Donators and exhibitors at the Paramount Theatre Gala Auction



General Criteria for Membership

Must be professional - The intention of this criterion is to ensure that the Guild is a resource for high-level expertise in each field or trade represented. Individuals must derive income form their craft so as to distinguish themselves from hobbyists. They must have been in business for a minimum of three years and be able to demonstrate a basic level of business experience. They will be expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and be capable of communicative and productive interaction with other Guild members as well as any contacts they might make through their Guild membership. Applicants should provide three professional references.

Must have a body of work - This criterion ensures documentable proof of an artisan’s abilities and level of professionalism. A prospective member must have architectural installations in some mix of residential, commercial, public, and institutional. Applicant must show high-quality documention of at least one important example of commercial, public, or institutional work and one example of residential work.

Must be an Austin resident - Applicants should have a shop/studio in the Austin area.  The intention of this criterion is to focus on local artisans and to ensure that members are able to participate in meetings and events.

Must have an architectural focus - Architectural focus means that a significant amount of the work is permanently attached to the built environment or has an intention to define space in relation to an architectural program.  This focus should include experience interfacing with design, architecture, and construction professionals.

Procedure for an Individual Seeking Guild Membership

•Present a portfolio to the Membership Committee

•Obtain a recommendation from the Membership Committee

•Receive a majority vote of approval from the General Membership

•Provide photos and text for inclusion in the Guild website

Applicants should contact any Membership Committee member to begin the membership process.  Once an applicant has been approved by the Membership Committee, she or he will send three digital images, or a URL, to the Secretary to forward to the General Membership prior to the next General Meeting.  The Membership Committee will meet to review applicants as needed, and the General Membership will vote on new members three times a year.




All members are reqired to be active participants in the functions and general mission of the Guild of Austin Artisans.  The work of the Guild will be accomplished by the general membership through various committees and individual efforts. The choice to be a member of the Guild should be one that will bring benefit and success to both the individual members and the Guild as a group. All members are encouraged to contribute their creative energies and efforts toward these goals. Studios can expect to spend up to five hours per month on Guild meetings and activities.


• The Guild reserves the right to be a private organization with a selected membership.

• Prospective members may be recommended by the membership committee even if they do not meet all the guidelines for membership. However, the membership committee is entrusted to use discretion and sound judgement in all membership matters.

• All members must serve as either an officer, an officer’s assistant, or on a committee.

• Any member who misses 3 or more consecutive meetings without notifying the chairperson prior to that meeting will be subject to review be the Membership Committee. Members should report absences to the Chairperson or Secretary prior to the meeting. Attendence will be tracked by the secretary and reviewed three times a year by the Membership Committee.

• Any member can be recommended for removal from the Guild by the membership committee if they violate Guild guidelines in such a way as to be a detriment to either individual Guild members or to the group as a whole

• Final decisions on any individual’s membership status are to be voted on by the general membership.


The treasurer will assess yearly dues for members or member organizations such as a shop, studio, or business. The treasurer will also make special assessments for specific events or projects. Each dues paying entity, be it an individual or an organization, will have only one vote in general membership matters. Each individual serving on a committee will have one individual vote on committee matters. Members or member organizations who are delinquent in paying dues are subject to review by the membership committee.




Guild members will elect 4 operational officers for terms of 1 year each.  There are no term limits.  Officers must be active members in good standing and be willing to serve the entire term. The officers are:

Chairperson - Duties: Preside over all general membership meetings and set meeting agendas. Coordinate activities of the committees and request committee reports and actions. Perform any other duties that might be required for the operation of a professional association.

Vice-Chairperson - Duties: Serve as a back-up to the Chairperson and act as the Chairperson in the Chairperson's absence.

Secretary - Duties: Record the meeting notes, minutes and other related Guild data. Be responsible for the Guild files. Act as a substitute chairperson at meetings if the chairperson is not available. Additionally, the secretary will be a member of the membership committee. The secretary may request an assistant from general membership. The assistant will serve at the discretion of the secretary.

Treasurer - Duties: Responsibility for all financial transactions and records necessary for the operation of the Guild.


Any member who is not serving as an officer will be expected to be serving on at least one committee.

Membership Committee (standing) - This committee will be responsible for making recommendations for inclusion of prospective members.  This committee will also review and make recommendations regarding any membership issue or grievance. All recommendations of the committee must be presented to the general membership as a consensus decision.  The membership committee should consist of between 3 and 5 members including the secretary and should not include more than 1 member of any discipline. The committee will meet three times a year and will review applicants, attendance and inactive memberships.

Promotional Committee (standing) - This committee will be responsible for all project development, promotion, publicity, exhibits, membership outreach and correspondence with the general public. This committee may assign subcommittees to handle specific or ongoing tasks or projects. This committee will be responsible for all copies of the Guild sourcebook.

Website Subcommittee - Sees that the web page is accurate and complete. Seeks ways of promoting website. Coordinates with webmaster.

Ad Hoc Committees - These committees are formed as needed at the request of the chairperson and/or general membership. These committees are time-specific and report directly to the chairperson.


Current Officers

Chairperson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . David Amdur

Vice-Chairperson . . . . . . . . . . . Hawkeye Glenn

Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chris Levack

Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mark Macek


Membership Comittee

Colby Brinkman

Judd Graham

Joseph Zambarano


Promotional Committee

Julia Dworschack

Ambrose Taylor


Website Committee

Kathleen Ask

Brian David Johnson

Mark Macek


Outreach Committee

Hawkeye Glenn